I’ve always loved watching figure skating, the triple axels, quads and complex technical combos performed by both pair teams and single skaters amaze me. Performances by Canadian pairs team, Loyd Eisler and Isabelle Brasseur, struck excitement in me back in the ’90s along side Elvis Stojko and Kurt Browning.

On the other hand, ice dancing never really entertained me. Watching ice dance routines for the first time as kid, I remember asking my sister after a couple completed their free skate (the longer program), “That was so boring, did they forget to do their jumps?”

But, if you watched the ice dance short program last night at the Olympic games there were definitely some pleasant surprises! With Folk Dance as the general theme for all teams a range of cultural dance styles were performed adding interest to the sport. Styles performed by teams included country, aboriginal, and last but not least…Indian Folk Dance!

Meryl Davis and Charlie White danced it up on skates bollywood style! Dressed in a turquoise “choli” with red embroidered skirt, and a tan “shervani”, Meryl Davis and Charlie White gracefully performed elements of kathak, classical indian dancing; and more pop influenced Bollywood choreography.

Bollywood tunes used in the dance were “Kajjra Re” from comedy Bunty Aur Bubli, and songs “Silsila Ye” and “Dola Re” from the internationally acclaimed movie Devdas starring Shah Rukh Khan, Madhuri Dixit, and Aishwariya Rai. Best of all the pair’s performance was detailed and clean bringing the crowd to their feet. For South Asians worldwide, the performance definitely brought a unifying sense of cultural pride!

Watch the Bollywood Skate now!