For Bollywood fans and Hollywood movie buffs alike, the latest Bollywood movie, My Name is Khan is a must see! Although I love watching Bollywood films, often I find it difficult to justify watching all of them since the industry produces over 600 a year. Choosing the right ones to watch can be difficult. After watching My Name is Khan in the theatre I wanted to make sure to sell, sell, sell the movie to my readers!

So here are my  5 Reasons to Watch My Name is Khan:

1. Bollywood’s Duo Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol Return Together to the Big Screen!

For dedicated Bollywood fans My Name is Khan is a big treat. Do you remember  Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenghe? How about Kuch Kuch Hota Hai? Was Khabhi Kushi Kabhe Ghum one of your favourites?

What do all of these beautifully Bollywood blockbusters have in common?

Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol! And after  9 years the two stars return on screen to steal audiences’ hearts again. Fall in love with the two of them all over again in this captivating and unique romance.

2. The Director, Karan Johar

Karan Johar’s production company Dharma Productions reached international acclaim with movie titles including Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, Kal Ho Na Hoo, and Kabhi Alvi Da Na Kehna. Known for compelling stories, touching on issues, including adultery and terminal illnesses, Johar built a following of fans, even those who may not watch other Hindi films.

My Name is Khan is no different than any of Johar’s other films as it evokes deep emotions and speaks directly to its viewers about controversial issues other Bollywood directors fear to address. Through his dedication to producing meaningful art, Johar created new archetypes for the Bollywood genre.

3. Disability Advocacy: Autism and Asberger’s Syndrome

The main character Rizwan Khan, played by Shah Rukh Khan has a rare case of autism called Asperger’s Disorder, a pervasive developmental disorder. People with the disability have a good command of language, but lower functioning social skills. For example, people with the syndrome experience trouble in having meaningful personal relationships, difficulty showing emotions, and making eye contact with others.

Rizwan Khan grows up in India facing stigmatism in school from other children, and even from his own brother. Yet, through the support of his mother and later on Kajol’s character, Mandira, and his sister in law, he is able to recieve treatment in order to lead a successful life. Johar’s film sends a message to audiences to accept people with disabilities and to make the effort to educate others about disabilities in order to limit discrimination under these grounds.

4. MNIK Fights Against Islamophobia and Racism

Set in a post-911 political climate, in My Name is Khan Rizwan Khan and his family- Mandira and her son Sam, are faced with discrimination because of Rizwan’s Islamic background (Mandira is of Hindu faith) and the misconceptions people associate with the religion due to media conceptions and the general ignorance of the people living in their neighbourhood.

After facing a terrible loss, Rizwan and Mandira’s inter-religious relationship is tested. To gain back his life and an attempt to find justice for his family, Rizwan makes a proclamation to the world, “My name is Rizwan Khan and I am not a terrorist,” in response to this Islamophobic political context.

Anyone who has either experienced racism because of their ethnicity, skin colour, or religion should watch My Name is Khan. In addition, if you have ever participated in a racist act, or held antagonistic views against a person of a different background watch Johar’s film. The positive message, to value diversity and to love humankind despite our differences, makes this film not only a must see, but a lifelong lesson for generations to come.

5. Media Think!

The buzz leading up to the movie’s release was and remains intense. Everyone is talking about My Name is Khan from Bollywood buffs online, the media- whether its the media in India discussing the controversial topics of the film, or stations here in North America. Plus, Anokhi magazine’s Editor Hina Ansari landed an official interview with Khan himself, so you can read about his reasons for choosing to work on this film at Anokhi onine.

When I first went to watch the movie the shows were all sold out, so I had to return to the theatre the next day for the latest show – the only show left with tickets.

When there is this much BUZZ the best thing to do is just see for yourself what the hype is about!

So don’t just take my word for it, visit the official My name is Khan website to see official trailers, read about the phenomenal director and casting, download free ringtones from the soundtrack, and become a fan even before you head out to your local theatre!