Its been a while since I wrote, thanks for your patience as this week was my last week of classes so I haven’t blogged in a while. Come Monday I am bound for the real world of magazine publishing as I start my editorial internships at Totem with CAA Magazine and Anokhi Magazine. At Anokhi I will be interning in the beauty department, so stay tuned for updates on my blog as I get my hands on some work at both of these awesome publications.

Evening Makeup Tools: Benefit’s Brow Gel and  Annabelle’s Sharpener

With beautiful Spring weather and a long weekend, I am sure you all have big plans for an evening out this weekend! So, I thought you’d find these two product reviews handy. By using these two tools in your beauty regiment for your long-weekend night on the town, you’ll perfect your look and save time for more fun!

Benefit Speed Brow Quick Set Brow Gel
Shade: 01 Light to Medium

This tinted brow gel comes in a small tube with a mascara like wand for easy application to give your eyebrows the perfect amount of colour and smooth finish. So for all of you women on-the-go who fuss with powdered brow pigments and still find your brows turn out too dark, this gel is your answer!

Apply the Benefit Brow Gel with the applicator wand brushing in an upwards direction, the direction of your natural hair growth, to add life to your brows. Let the gel set, about 10 to 15 seconds, and presto, professional, but natural looking brows that match your darker makeup for the evening.

EDITOR’S TIP: For best results, make sure your eyebrows are threaded or waxed when using the gel. Maintain the shape of your brows with a professional threading every 2 to 3 weeks, depending on how quick your brows grow in. Fight the urge to pluck stray hairs at home in between visits to your aesthetician, this makes the growth uneven and may make it difficult for your aesthetician to remove all hair when you head back to the salon. Plus, chances are you may ruin your shape!

Annabelle’s A-98 Single Sharpener

So you must be thinking “What? She’s reviewing a sharpener for makeup pencils, they are all the same and they never work anyhow!”
Well, actually when Annabelle initially sent me this sharpener, I was just as skeptical. But, after using the sharpener when my eye pencils grew dull from use I was pleasantly surprised! Annabelle’s A-98 Sharpener re-sharpens both waterproof and regular pencils to a perfect point, giving you the a thin, precise line every time! In fact, I even tested the sharpener on a couple of other brand of liners, including MAC and SOHO and got the same sharp tip each time.

Although the sharpener includes a cleaning stick to remove liner residue from the blade, I found it difficult to remove all residue with the cleaning stick alone. On my second use, I found residue from the previous black waterproof liner found its way onto the tip of my coloured eye pencil.

EDITOR’S TIP: Take a kleenex dampened with rubbing alcohol and wrap around the cleaning stick before inserting it into the sharpener to clean. The alcohol will ensure ALL residue is properly removed.

Nonetheless, my eye pencils have never been sharper, so my eye makeup looks increasingly flawless, once again thank you Annabelle!

Use these two  quick and easy tools and you’ll walk away with a beautiful and flawless makeup job!