With the change of weather from Winter to Spring the one part of your beauty routine that needs extra care is your skin. Everyone’s skin dries out from winter weather abuse  so the key is to moisturize, moisturize, and moisturize!

There are tons of creams and lip balms on the market, but you need to find the perfect one for you based on your lifestyle. Here are two different product lines I will be reviewing, Marcelle’s NEW Climatik and Wowee’s Hydrating Balms.

Marcelle’s CLIMATIK OUTDOOR  Skincare Line

Marcelle just released a skincare line designed for those who love the outdoors and have an active life. There are two moisturizers formulated to protect your skin against the harsh elements of Canada’s changing seasons so that your skin will stay soft through wind, rain, snow and pollution. Olympic Gold Medalist in moguls and freestyle skiing, Jennifer Heil supports the line so you know the moisturizers are effective, but in case you doubted it, I tested them out for you.

Climatik Outdoor Protective Lotion and Protective Cream
$19.50 each
The protective cream formula is designed for extra dry skin, or for more harsh winter weather conditions, while the protective lotion is for people with oilier skin who need a lighter moisturizer. I like the consistency of the lotion better since I am prone to an oily  t-zone.

Both the cream and lotion are unscented, so even your man can wear it on a daily basis or during his  workouts.

Both formulas are water and sweat resistant. Available in a compact 50 ml squeeze bottle, its portable enough to slip into your work bag, weekend purse, and even your gym bag!

I’ll admit, I don’t live the most active lifestyle other than working out at home and sometimes at the gym, but I wore the lotion under my makeup during the rainy weather and it was excellent. The lotion made my skin feel extra soft and I didn’t feel like I needed to reapply after being outside for a while in the wind.

Since the products are hypo-allergenic, you wont breakout – usually I  avoid moisturizers when I work out because I breakout when I sweat, but Marcelle’s line will definitely changes this habit! So whether you are a career woman on the go, or a fitness enthusiast CLIMATIK’s moisturizers are excellent.

Marcelle’s Outdoor  LIP BALM SPF 30 vs. Wowee’s Hydrating Balm
$6.95 vs. $8.00

Both  lip balms have perks based on what you do on a daily basis and what you prefer:

Climatik’s Lip Balm is great for a long day on the beach because it gives you the perfect amount of natural moisture, without that greasy feeling which you would want to avoid in the heat. Plus, it will protect you from UV rays with its SPF 30 protection. Women who don’t like the feeling of wearing a greasy lip balm…this one is for you!

The balm doesn’t budge once its on, so you wont need to reapply while your finishing your 3K run, running several errands throughout the day, or even just soaking up the sun. I know I will definitely use Marcelle’s CLIMATIK’s Lip Balm on my next beach vacation!

In contrast, Wowee’s Hydrating Balm is better for everyday use because its scented and if you are prone to dry lips like me especially after the winter it repairs your skin with the natural formula of sesame oil, bees wax, olive oil, flower extract, and the like. But, some may not love the scent – its more organic than fruity. Originally, when I saw bees-wax in the ingredients I thought I’d hate the smell (yes I usually can’t stand the smell of bees-wax moisturizer), but Wowee’s Lipbalm has a scent that is mild and dominated by other oils in the formula, so I LOVED it.

But due to the extra silky formula, Wowee’s Balm needs to be reapplied several times throughout the day as it comes off easily after you sip a coffee or wear it for a long time.

Wowee’s Hydrating Balm

The hydrating balm is the same formula as the lip balm but its easier to rub on  tough areas on the body, such as dry elbows, between your fingers, or other problem areas. The small tub is easy to carry so you can take it along in your purse or when you travel. I used it and got rid of the extra dry area between my thumb and fingers – worked like a charm! However,  you could  SAVE and buy just one of the two Wowee products, since both can be used anywhere on the body  or face.