13 Way Wrap Dress

Each Spring I rediscover items in my closet, afterall who can really afford to replenish their wardrobe each season. One of my  favourite items for the warmer season’s is my silk wrap dress made by Evolve  Designs. I bought it  three years ago at a festival at Dundas Square in Toronto and each year when the air gets warmer I look forward to wearing this dress.

Evolve Designs

Evolve Designs is an authentic local design company that creates one of a kind bohemian  clothing great for the warmer months, during the winter Evolve sets up “shop” in New Zealand, but they return to Toronto during the summer selling items at street festivals and events across the province.

Although Evolve carries many authentic and affordable pieces, the silk wrap dress is my favourite because the fabric is actually from sarees directly from Rajasthan, India. The designer  hand picks the sarees for her wrap dresses when she visits India for textiles each season. Plus, the  wrap dress is both reversible and can be worn in 13 different styles including a  tube dress, a baby doll dress and a comfy but classy wrap skirt!

EVOLVE DESIGN'S Wrap Dress Worn Over the Shoulder

Versatility and Class

Depending on how I tie the dress and what side of the  dress I choose to wear it looks different almost every time.  For example, I wore it as a skirt for dinner on a beach vacation with a cotton tank and shell necklace, but  then wore it as an over the shoulder dress for a wedding and dressed it up with  strappy sandals, a pashmina,  and long chandelier earrings.  At $60, this dress is a classic piece for your Spring and Summer wardrobe.

Border detailing on silk wrap dress from Indian saree fabric by Evolve Designs

The other side of my wrap dress worn as a skirt

EDITOR’S TIP: If you wear the silk-saree wrap dress for a more formal occasion make sure you wear either a tube top or slip underneath, and secure the loose ends with safety pins once you wrap the dress to avoid the dress from  flying up in the wind or coming lose.

To find out how to purchase a beautiful wrap dress and  to learn the 13 ways to wear the wrap  visit Evolve Design’s website now!