So if you haven’t already heard On the Danforth Magazine is official out…try to pick up a FREE copy at local Danforth businesses and you can check out awesome articles by great writers on topics such as: roller derby (Jen Brooks), tattooing (Heather Holditch), reviews of Michael Byrson’s book The Lizard (Jacqulyn Bester), a Staycation in Toronto’s Beaches (Erin Haggett), couch potato workouts (Karen Stevens), pet businesses on the Danforth (Teresa Morgado), a profile of the infamous hot sauce store Taste the 4th Sense (Marisa Baratta), summer skin care (Shazia Khan) and much more!

I also wrote a short piece on Summer Makeup Tips and had the pleasure of interviewing the talented makeup artist Monica Kalra! Her work is amazing, but you’ll have to pick up the mag to find out her tips for the upcoming summer season!

If you like how the Roller Derby issue looks then thank our Creative Director Edward Kanerva, also the creator of the Innappropriate Cupcake cartoons which can be found on his blog, and our lovely graphic designers…kudos to  Justine Pahal. Finally, thanks to our web editor Maureen Lau whose still trucking away on the e-mag!

Cheers to my Centennial Book and Magazine Publishing colleagues – its been a fabulous year! The world of publishing awaits us and as some of us (not me) finish our internships tomorrow and  move on to the real world in search of  jobs in both the magazine and book industry, I dedicate this song to you called “THIS WILL BE OUR YEAR” -Let’s hope it is!

You’ve all been amazing and I feel fortunate and grateful to have met you, I know I’ve met some lifelong friends (you know who you are!) and I feel honoured to be working in the same industry as some you.   Amidst the slew of assignments, crazy 8:30 am classes, and all of the fun times we’ve had helping out at events in the  publishing industry its been a blast.

A special thanks goes out to Denise Schon, our team leader and program director at Centennial, and Chantel Simmons an engaging and uber-in-the-know former magazine editor and author of LOVE STRUCK (great book you should read it if you haven’t already)!