So apparently everyone wants to add more oomph to their lips, although I have never really felt driven to buy a lip plumping gloss on my own, when Annabelle and Marcelle sent me their lip plumping glosses for reviews I’ll admit I was a bit excited as I always wondered what the deal was with lip plumpers.

Does this stuff really work?

First off, all beauty buffs and makeup addicts should know that lip plumping glosses do not have a permanent lip plumping effect – to get that you’d have to get collagen shots and all that scary cosmetic surgery stuff EEK! Lip plumping glosses work by temporarily swelling the lips through  ingredients such as capsacian, which cause a tingly feeling.  At the same time other lip plumpers contain  ingredients that hydrate the lips, therefore the swelling occurs because the hydrating ingredients attract the build up of moisture in the lips. However, when the gloss comes off, so do all signs of plumping. In my opinion, this is okay as that’s the job such products are supposed to do. If you expect anymore from a volumizing lip gloss then you are asking for unrealistic results!

To cut to the chase here are my product reviews!

Annabelle’s Volume Lip Plumping Gloss vs. Marcelle’s Vita Lip Plumping Gloss

                LEFT: Sweet Tweet Swatch                     RIGHT: Cherry Coke Swatch  

The lip plumper's squeeze tube: a little tough when applying to the lips

As you can see to the right, of the two colours sent to me, Sweet Tweet – a milky baby pink- just wasn’t ideal for my skin, since you can’t see it much on my hand. But that’s okay- I am sure other women may like the shade!

If you are feeling adventurous I would definitely recommend the <font color="blue"Cherry Coke– it’s a fun vibrant red that isn’t as scary to use if you aren’t used  to a lot of colour on your lip because of the glossy texture. The sheered out colour is still concentrated, but not IN YOUR FACE as a MATTE finish red.

One thing I didn’t love was the packaging of this product: the tube is really stiff and so to get enough of the gloss on your lips it takes a while. For someone like me who often applies my lip gloss as I am walking on the street- it just takes too long! But, GOOD NEWS apparently Annabelle is looking into revamping the tube so its more flexible and easier to apply!

Here’s how the Annabelle lip plumping gloss looked on:

I’ll admit I am not too enthusiastic about posting such a large closeup  of myself,  but  this way you’ll know what the RED TINT actually looked like on my brown skin.  So excuse all visible “beauty glitches” – it was about  6:40am when I snapped this shot above back in JUNE  before work and since it was a bad-curly-hair day,  I got lazy and just slicked it back. You be the judge of if the product is worth a try for you. The formula’s thicker consistency allowed the gloss to stay on for a while, it felt a sticky when on, but I really liked the tint. I am not sure that it made a really big difference on the size of my lips because it didn’t tingle.  Feel free to also check out Anjali Handa’s review of the Annabelle Volumizing Gloss in Sweet Tweet on her blog Rock that Look!

This is what the VITA-LIP GLOSS looks like on:

I really liked the VITA-LIP PLUMPING  GLOSS for three reasons:

1) Its a pretty neutral peachy-pink shade called Organza that goes with everything and  is flattering for most shades of skin,

Swatch of Vita-Lip Plumping Gloss in ORGANZA, catches the light so beautifully!

2) The formula is super moisturizing and since my lips chap easily I LOVE that,

3) The gloss actually made my lips look more poutier, the glossy texture and shine reflects a lot of light and the tingly feeling is slight so its not irritating like some harsher formulae that may cause peeling of the lips in the long run. I now carry this gloss in my purse daily! Plus, the squeeze tube is very use to use when applying to the lips. So if you need a reasonably priced plumping gloss for your next hot date, or a dinner with friends the VITA-LIP PLUMPING GLOSS is a choice for you to consider.

As you can see above, Chatelaine’s beauty editors loved this gloss in 2009, so it must be worth it!


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