February 15, 2010

Yesterday my fiance’s mom came back from her trip to India, my grandparents and father-in-law are there right now also, and my mom will be visiting later on this Winter.

Originally, I was supposed to travel with my mom there to do some pre-wedding shopping (I am getting married in the Fall), but I cannot go at a time when the weather isn’t super hot and my class schedule is not interrupted.

I must admit, I am feeling sad, as last year I went in November – it was my second time travelling there – and I really enjoyed myself. I learned to appreciate my own life here in the developed world as I witnessed a lot of poverty, the places I visited were beautiful, and so many people touched my heart – loved ones and even strangers. Plus, I don’t even know when I will go back now!

Feeling nostalgic, I thought I’d share some of the pictures I took on my trip from last fall. I stayed in Punjab mostly, so I took many pictures of rural life and local people. There are also some pictures from Delhi, tourist sites and artwork. ENJOY!