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Each season I try loads of  new beauty products, some of them I hate, some of them I like enough to finish that one purchase, and others I love and would be willing to purchase all over again!  Vasanti  Cosmetics is one of those brands that has become a personal favourite.  Contrary to popular belief, Vasanti Cosmetics is a brand aimed at women of all ethnicities in every skin tone.  The brand is popular with South Asian  women because its founders are of South Asian descent, however their foundations, lipsticks, shadows and the like come in a range of shades and formulas for ALL SKIN TONES!  With affordable prices and great quality Vasanti should become  a part of your beauty bag too.

Here are my faves:

1. Face Base in V4

Vasanti Face Base in V4

The Face Base Oil-Free Powder Foundation in V4, $25.00, is a part of my daily beauty regimen, the colour matches my skin and feels light on my face despite its even coverage. The powder is available in 10 shades, so no matter what you’ll find your perfect match.

2. Sweden Ultra-Luxe Lipstick with Peptide Technology

Lipstick in "Sweden"

This ultra rich lipstick is a nude pink that is great to wear every day because the shade goes great with so many things! I fell in love with Sweden, $15.00, when makeup artist Kavita Suri used it on me on my wedding reception this past September. From then on it has stayed in my purse!  The lipstick’s main ingredient is Palmitoyl Oligopeptide, which helps  increase lip volume, reduce the appearance of fines lines and smooths the lips surface so you’ll be doing your pout some service when wearing it!

3. Lip Liner in Thames

Lipliner in "Thames"

Thames Ultra Creamy Pencil is a lip liner that  doesn’t feel dry when applied. Again, this is a nude pink with a hint of brown so it is a daily favourite as well.  For only $13.00 you can’t go wrong.


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